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Price war of PrimaDolly 2 is still continuing. Today Gina was selling the 3 prima at only $89 each after an hour or two, all aubrey were grabbed (amazing speed). Also on ebay I saw a Saffy at $76 only and I was almost tempted to grab her for custom and keep Aubrey stock.

But my plan isnt like this. I was looking to buy Ichigo heaven but finally I got an EBL DB. Not only becoz their prices difference..but also I really want to have a girl with EBL face.. and I am sure one day in the future I'll see another RBL girl I like and i'll grab her at that time.

i told myself that, no more new doll pruchase from now for this month, but april, who knows ? :P

My Blythe Issue Update

Some news of my Blythe family.

Someone in French forum loves Tristesse so much (my crying Blythe) and offering 200€  to buy her or exchange for her Roxy Baby. Its tempting, but not good enough. As Tristesse is Unique and kinda meaningful to me (as my dad has ran around for the payment in China and such for me..on 2 Sundays). 

Since I got my first Blythe, I always want to customize one myself. Just no intention and Blythe is a lot more expensive than Pullip and everytime I just want to get one that I dont want to customise at all (then whats the point haha) 

And At first I pre-ordered Saffy at HLJ..thinking "this is the time to start my custom"; But due to the expenses on Haute, I cancelled the order again. But then I feel regret. Right now on ebay there are not many BIN (BIN are expensive) and for bidding ones, i dont have intention to fight with those people.. 

My Hong Kong friends told me, they can hardly buy each one of the PD2 doll there seperately now (even so, the price is like 70€ each), and a set of 3 is like 180€. And among those 3, Aubrey is the best seller atm coz she looks like a old model Blythe (i think they mean Kenner?) and because she has glasses.

At the point of giving up getting RBL..maybe just a SBL Prima.. I found Aubrey at $98.88 including registered airmail..(that I almost need to spend the same amount for a SBL Prima..)  This is really good luck i think.

I dont really have exact idea of how she will look yet, but I'm sure she will be a mohair rerooted girl.

Tailor Gibson's doll photos are out, she is very lovely, if you look at the photos closely, she has freakles. but with the price of 13440yen, i dont think I am rich enough to get her now.

I am looking forward to see the photo of the one by momolita... somehow in my heart I hope she is not so attractive, coz I am too poor to get her too.


Doll News:
They shipped out my Lati friday morning Korean Time (25 calender days after paid), so lucky that the next day is weekend, the tracking just stucked at "Handed over to Air carrier"  and I dont even know when the parcel will arrive.. 

Kinda excited about that though... the little baby...wonder whats the date of his real birthday on the certificate.

For new year resolution: basically I dont really have any doll I must have at the moment.. (although I am kinda in love with Ciel of Musedoll, 60cm is too big for me..)

Maybe I'll consider getting another Blythe for custom purpose or/and another tiny BJD (1st target is Wishel, but seems they are having trouble atm, 2nd target is Orientdoll So Dong) If not, ill just prefer to get my dolls more clothes and accessories.. :P

Personal news:
I will start my nurse internship from 22jan to 2 feb, kinda harsh working hours, monday to wednesday i will have to work from 7am to 2:45pm
thursday and friday will start at 1:30pm to 9:45pm.

Just to get some experience as working as a nurse, and then it will definitely help me in the nursing exam in April. Wish me luck.

Many things to think about, and worry about. But I'll just see what I can do...

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Xmas 2006

Sorry to be kinda quiet these days.

We did have a nice Christmas XD

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We didnt receive as many presents as last year as most of them prefer to give us cheques XD and my xmas present is still not home.

Now we are preparing for the New year eve party with friends, it will be a little nice party with 11 person in total.

We almost finish shopping for the food and things needed, tomorrow I'll have to look after my 3 yrs old nephew who's dad needs to work.

Otherwise I cant do much things online, internet is crazily slow (coz of many new internet subscribers at new year?) and I can hardly upload one photo on Photobucket or Flickr..

Anyway, I think I'll update again after new year eve or when my Lati arrives =) (they said my package will be ready soon, I wonder if they will ship before 30th..or else it would be on 2007 XD)



Crackpot? =P

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Lati Miel

Happy Happy Happy!

I dont need to fight to order Miel but I was just too impatient to order her..
This morning at 5am i woke up coz Lati said they would restock all the dolls at KST noon (it should be 4am in france exactly)
but then at 5am i checked and checked, dolls were not available..and they changed the message of the restock time to 7pm KST

so I just came back to the site at 11am here.. I kept refreshing the page until they started to be back in stock..

and its done!

Now have to count the days until they ship her.. XD
Waiting to order, waiting to arrive.. is a torture..

Dieting is NEEDED

OMG.. tonight I sat at the sofa and I just noticed my tummy is so large *O* 

Although I have said that I will start dieting after those end of year festivals.. (Xmas, New year Eve)......

I really HAVE TO start dieting tomorrow!!

Tomorrow first thing to do after wake up is to weight myself..
And then..

Breakfast : I dont take breakfast usually, but a cup of warm low fat milk is ok
Lunch: Soup, with some vegetable (boiled vegetable only)
Teatime: No cake! Only a cup of natural tea
Dinner: Soup

NO snack (chips, chocolate, candies), NO cake, NO noodles, rice, or bread...

And doing steps in the house (you know the little machine you step left right left right...) I wish I had a home Gym bike but stepping should do also , can do lots of steps unconciencely while watching TV/movie XD

It shows also how many steps I have done, the calories I have burnt and the time I have done also..

I have lost 8kg before the marriage in HK before so this time I am sure I can do this again! Just kinda hard but need lots of motivation ..1111!!


Ill put a little record here to motivate myself with the progress..
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What Tarot Card are You?

Thankyou namikala



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Finally I decided to get a Lati Yellow, after Xmas

But then they tempt me with the new yellow line special... Grown up Pury & Lina..they are JUST.SO.CUTE!

I always like Pury, just I dont want her as she is too small as white..and now, she is so cute in yellow size!

I just hope the price wont be so expensive.. or else I'll just go back to my original plan.